Violence or Silence: For Those Against the Animal Rights Movement

DomesticViolenceFor those against the animal rights movement, why not take a moment and reflect upon your decision for feeling that way in the first place. Whether you agree that animals have feelings or not, we can’t deny the truth; they aren’t make believe. From factory farmed animals, circus animals, fish, companion animals, and animals of all kinds, they all need our help: extinction, slaughter, abuse, neglect, violence, and it doesn’t stop there. The voiceless can’t speak so we must speak for them. It’s a rational thing that must be done, what’s to be so hateful about? Since when did helping others become a thing to look down upon?

People involved in this movement are a lot more compassionate, strong, and driven for change than you’d think. Sure, like any other group of people, there are those whom don’t always have the best intentions, but we all share one thing. We all have one common goal: to save animals. In reality, we really don’t get the credit we deserveTo others it seems that people in this movement are weird, extreme, or sensitive; but we are beyond all of those things. We are people hungry for liberation; hungry for change. Change that can’t be done without our help; your help. There’s a much bigger idea that is being missed: empathy, compassion, and the value of all life.

Those involved in this movement are not only passionate but they truly put up with a lot from others who disapprove. Being called names like a hippie, too sensitive, weak, or stupid all hurt equally as much. But when your main goal is to benefit others, not even yourself, by looking beyond your own species, all the remarks in return only seem to be trying to kill the messenger, rid of these intellectual thought processes that classify other beings as more than “something” but someone.“STOP, we are on top of the food chain”! It’s all a matter of power, isn’t it?


But when we look at this issue on a global level it’s hard to say who can take the blame for the amount of animal cruelty and abuse that continues to take place every day. And though we want to sit there and blame the next guy, isn’t it time we looked in the mirror and realized that the people who are sitting there doing nothing are the ones most capable of making that change — even a small step forward?

This shouldn’t be a battle of the species resulting in what seems to be the battle of animal rights activists and those not involved. After all, we live on this world together. We all share the same air, whether a non-human animal or human being.So, is it really necessary to frown so highly upon those who have the strength, the courage, and the will to stand up for those who can’t?

In our society, when we see a mental disabled or homeless person we tend to automatically feel guilt because they seem in a way defenseless and so innocent compared to us. Yet we only tend to display the reactions towards humans and not non-human beings. But really, what’s the difference? Both need love and understanding, so why do we push those feelings away in our mind?It seems that the constant denial of these feelings has only led to desensitization as a society. And those who sit back and do nothing are one of the main reasons we are so strong in our fight for animal liberation. The animal rights movement doesn’t sit back and wonder who will, we go out and take action ourselves! There are so many ways we do this: getting others involved, educating, protesting, boycotting, and doing what we can do as an individual to make a difference. It’s not about us, it’s about the animals.Though animals are not capable of speaking, voting, or buying shoes, does that make them a target to shoot at? Those who are not capable of the same things as you and I are not defenseless. They are only defenseless if we make them that way. They are unique, special, and their purpose is not any less important. Each and every animal has the right to be here just as you and I, regardless of their differences and capabilities.Besides, let’s not forget the only thing we all have in common — the Earth we live on and the air we breathe. It is not only ours, the only thing it is, is ours to share.

So please, before you go bash on someone for not eating meat or for standing up for animals, think about why you shouldn’t. These people realize that other beings shouldn’t exist for human pleasure, taste, or amusement. And by all means, I admit that it is easier said than done. But we work at it until we get it right, not only for the benefit of ourselves, but for the benefit of millions of other beings — to prove thier lives matter. Is that not something to at least respect?

Telling an animal activist to respect your decision to eat animals is like telling a murderer it’s okay to murder! Same thing, different context. It’s not okay, it’s not your right. It’s there right to live. Respect that!

At the end of the day, we don’t enjoy openly calling ourselves vegan or vegetarian unless asked or are around others with the same morals. Why? Because we don’t feel the need to create a separation or division better two different groups of people, who in the end, are both capable of feeling just like any other animal.

We need your help as much as you need ours. For our health, the animals, the environment, and the Earth — we are all in this together. So please, don’t be silent! Speak up for animals and help end this violence. Educate yourself, become aware, and don’t stop there! Silence IS violence.

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” ~Wayne Dyer