The Toll Activism Pays On Others

FistOfPowerFor many of us vegans/vegetarians, animal activism becomes more than just a different state of mind or diet guideline to follow, it becomes a complete lifestyle. Some people may not want this, but for others, being compassionate in everyday choices only leads to a continual stream of compassion throughout their life in every action they partake in. 

Sometimes this is a good thing, and unfortunately it can result in negatives, too. From family and friends: get togethers, parties, and events, to the way we view society and the people in it, as a whole.

But should we really let others get to us; their opinions or lifestyle, regardless of how unethical or unpractical it may be? Yes, it’s hard but sometimes if we let others get in the face of our obstacle, they not only become the base of the problem, but become what we focus all our energy on instead of the positive energy we should be providing to those with an open mind.

Just because they aren’t yet ready to change doesn’t mean we can’t embrace them in a welcoming manner, though. Pushing them away only makes it harder for them to understand us and realize the cause we are fighting for.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay calm in a situation like this, but if we don’t, are we doing more harm than good?

The hardest thing about animal rights activism and the way it affects us is that it doesn’t only affect us, but everyone around us, too it seems.


Why do our morals, beliefs, and wishes for compassion turn into the opposite of what it really stands for: peace.

It brings arguments, disagreements, and if you’re lucky, sometimes an open mind. But this isn’t always the case, and as hopeful as we try to be, a lot of people just don’t seem to get it. They don’t seem to understand how strong fighting for something so real; not something but someone, can impact your life.

Though activism isn’t for everyone, I recommend you give it a try and fight for something you feel strongly for. If not you, then who? The power is in your hands so why not take advantage of it in a way that is the most productive?

At the end of the day, understanding each others point of view is more constructive than arguing your way through the other persons head. Small steps towards change are better than no change at all; we must not forget that through this journey to end it all!