Think TRESemme is Cruelty-Free? Think Again!

It’s unfortunate when you find out a company you use is now owned by a parent company who tests on animals.  By default, this company you once loved now tests on animals, too. This tragic fate is what caused St. Ives to go from worry free to undesirably cruel. Now, the same parent company, Unilver, owns TRESemme, too! The worst part about this discovery is that they still list “Not Tested on Animals” on their products.  In return, this not only deceives those who choose to buy their products for this reason but also those who use them currently and are completely unaware of the change. 

Like St. Ives, I loved these products because they were cheap and worked great. But after finding out that I was not using what I intended the products to be, cruelty-free, the discontinue of my future purchases was essential as a consumer. 
But there are still many people out there who think that this won’t do anything or impact them in any way. Well, that is incorrect. As a consumer, you have the most power in what is being sold and the power to control the fate of these animals’ lives! These companies still test on animals because people are still buying these products without them having to change their ways.The European Union has just recently banned animal testing, moving their way into the right direction for animals. And if no one steps up and demands change now that we have the tools, research, and ability to test products safely without using animals, they will continue to be tested on animals and we will be no where close to the direction that the European Union has taken.“The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, has worked on this important issue for over two decades, and starting March 11, it will be illegal to market, import, or sell animal-tested finished personal care products or their ingredients in the 27 countries that make up the EU,” said Leaping Bunny.


Thankfully you as an individual can do your part buy being aware of these changes and switch to cruelty-free. To read more about Unilever’s dirty secrets click hereTRESemme, it’s not only professional and affordable, it’s not animal tested, too! Skip the abuse and shop cruelty-free. The animals and your conscience will thank you. And besides, who needs products tested on animal when there are so many that are affordable, professional, and animal friendly without harsh chemicals, unnecessary and cruel tests and of course are safe, too! Besides, doesn’t it make more sense to test a product on the same species that is going to be using it? Best of all, these testees are volunteers and don’t get badly hurt, tortured or killed in the process!

Lastly, don’t forget that just because a product claims to be not tested on animals doesn’t always mean it doesn’t contain animal derived ingredients!

Not sure what products are cruelty-free or are vegan (contain no animal derived ingredients)? To search for cruelty-free products or download an app, be sure to check out our post Everyday Products Can Be Cruelty-Free!