The Search for Vegan Boots – Solved!

5228.Wool2.jpg-465x0This is the time of year where coldness seems to get the best of us. Well, at least in a majority of the states. With that being said, boots are becoming more and more popular amongst females this season. In particular, UGGs and Bearpaw boots are the most popular but they also the most cruel. In case you haven’t read the previous blog about the cruelty behindUGG boots which is similar to the gruesome practices that takes place for any products made of wool, I suggest you check it out here

From leather and suede to sheepskin and fur, it seems that a lot of boots have these things. Luckily when purchasing online or a store you can easily read the box or details for specifications, e-mail the store, or ask an employee. 

To some, the cruelty these animals face to become boots is unknown and believed that the wool is to be simply sheared off of the sheep.  Frankly, this is inaccurate and procedure is nothing of that sort. But for others who are aware but they still continue to wear or purchase these products, why not address their biggest concern; the alternatives to these boots that have the same or similar style without the cruelty.


Fortunately, if you are searching for a cruelty-free alternative or even a pair of boots that is a lot cheaper, your options don’t end at the above brands, let alone do they start. When looking for boots, it’s important to check to see if they have a suede upper. Though they have been made with faux fur or faux shearling, this possibility is still high. A key is to look to see the shoe is made from all man made materials because animal products are clearly not man made! 

For those of you who are into the style and look of these popular boots,  alternatives can easily be found for a fraction of the price while no animal had to suffer in the making. 

The following boots are what I consider to be great alternatives to UGGs/Bearpaws: 

*Click the boot to get more info & view the possible colors.



Now, if you’re still looking for a boot but it doesn’t look similar to the following, there are plenty of cruelty-free options available at the following online stores. You can findvegan boots of all kinds! Here are some of the more popular ones: MooShoesVegan Chick, Alternative OutfittersVegetarian Shoes UKEthical Wares,Vegan Store, and Bello IrisAfter viewing all the possible alternatives to boots made using any animal products, it’s clear that these boots are really something to keep in mind knowing the price is cheaper, the style is similar, the quality is still fairly high (UGGs aren’t even waterproof to begin with), and the cruelty involved is NONE! Keep in mind that UGGs, and Bearpaw are not the only boots to look out for when buying cruelty-free: Ozboots, Emu, Brumby are some other examples. But don’t forget, you can spot vegan boots without suede, fur, leather, or sheepskin if you keep your eyes open and check those labels!

Though we may have to compromise to be compassionate, what more important: a life or a boot?

If you’re still not convinced that buying a pair of cruelty-free boots this winter is worth it and definitely something to consider, check out the video below on the truth behind UGGs and other products made of wool.