The Real Take on UGG Boots

What are 99.8% of the female population wearing now that winter is approaching? You guessed it, UGG boots. I can’t tell you how many people I see every single day supporting this fashion crime, and I can bet you that over 90% of them don’t even know the facts. According to many, these boots are not only fashionable but super comfy. Regardless, the behind the scenes murder that most are unfamiliar with is unacceptable. So many people falsely believe that these UGG boots had no harm in the making and that the sheep’s wool was simply sheared off. WRONG!
Let’s be logical here, if this was so, how would the wool stay attached to the boot? It wouldn’t… not without the sheepskin. The sheep used to produce wool are not only used for this, but for their meat. In this case, the sheep is slaughtered. By wearing UGG boots, you are contributing to the slaughter of sheep whether you realize it or not. Must I explain the inhumane procedure these sheep must go through just to end up being walked on? (Gotta love puns). 

After viewing the video below, maybe you’ll think twice about those pair of UGG boots. You won’t think they’re ‘so cute’ anymore, because what happens to these vulnerable animals is not cute. If you are truly that hooked on UGGs, be sure to check out these cruelty-free alternatives here with the same look and comfort, without the harm: UGG faux or vegan leather boots. And as always, please inform others to help spread the message. 

*Bear Paw boots DO contribute to animal cruelty, as well!

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Warning: the video below contain graphic footage that may cause extreme discomfort, especially to younger viewers.