The Negative Connotation of the Animal Rights Community Plus Inspiration (Part 1)



It seems that the animal rights community can get labeled as selfish, offensive, and insensitive from people who do not see our reasoning by acting the way we do. You can’t blame the animal rights community for being frustrated and mad over the fact that an animal has, had, or will die because of inconsiderate choices. How people think we are the ones not caring is beyond me. Although some of us may not be 100% for the animals, a majority of us truly are!
Specifically, when it comes to friends and family, we can’t help but place expectations that we have for ourselves upon them sometimes. When our perspectives are put into place, we tend to get unwelcoming responses for wanting to not be alone on these horrifying actions by humans. Because of not choosing to do something or go somewhere because it conflicts with our morals, things don’t usually go well because of it. For example, maybe a restaurant doesn’t have something for you to eat. Regardless of who you are, I’m sure you would like at least a couple options in deciding, correct? Why is it that we get the scolded for staying true to our morals that are designed specifically to honor other beings?
In a restaurant circumstance, a typical response to a situation like this would be to bash the reason why they couldn’t eat there and blame you. This usually follows by complaining about how you are selfish and are not considering anyone else who had to leave in the first place. Now, I’m sure a majority of us who don’t follow the lifestyle of those around us will agree that something along the lines of this has at least happened to them once. Unfortunately, it happens too often. Why does no one see it the way we do? 
What many fail to realize is how unselfish we are being in our lifestyle and how they actually the ones doing just that. What thought have they put into helping animals like you have? Is choosing to not eat somewhere really only for your benefit or to be a hassle to anyone else? Of course not, well unless you are choosing to do so for only health reasons, then that decision lies on you. But, for most of us, the whole reason of doing this is for the animals! How is that selfish? It’s one of many things I will never fully understand.With that being said, my point is not to bash anyone who does not follow the same views. My concern is that many of the people in the animal rights community are facing these various problems: being talked down upon, looked at funny, and even disrespected because of a difference of morals. And what really doesn’t make sense is the fact that these people are devoted truly to their cause and are in this to save the fate of other beings, not for themselves or to gain any self worth.This decision is not just one measly choice; it is an act of compassion. It’s a voice for all those who can’t speak for themselves. We do this from the goodness of our own hearts! And to hear such cruel words of hate towards such compassionate people who deeply care about the fate of other beings, saddens me.
Why should people who are trying to make the world a better place and promote peace for all beings be put to shame because they want another being to live its life? What makes someone wishing a fair, peaceful life for animals compared to wishing a fair and peaceful life for humans instead of a horrible, so wrong? It seems there are so many things that society just lacks understanding. Clearly, one of them is speciesism.For this, one can’t blame the animal rights community, the voice for the animals, and the ones who constantly go out of their way just to hope to impact on of their lives, to be frustrated with such rude remarks of this kind. When animals are constantly dying every second of the day, why should pro animal rights activists not have the right to be angry? Why do people look at us with such negativity when one could easily feel such angst and defeated with the death or loss of a human in tragedy?

It is true that the animal rights community is a strong hearted, dedicated, and liberating group of people, but why must so many people look down upon them? Is it because we stand for the minority beliefs that a majority of them are not fully for? Is it because we actually are fighting for what we believe in? I guess this can make us seem rather intimidating too many, but why we have such negative connotation?

It seems that being for animal rights, specifically being in an animal rights group, is a hush-hush sort of thing in certain parts of society. This shouldn’t have to be this way. We should be proud of great acts of kindness we are taking upon other defenseless beings, not ashamed. 

Anyone can stand for something, but it takes real dedication and strength to follow through with it and continue to do so by bringing up your unpopular beliefs to the attention of others and trying to get them involved, too.

I think that’s what makes our group so amazing. We stand up for each other and don’t give up and we are constantly trying to reach out to others who aren’t even a part of the group to help us on our journey. We try to seek for the goodness in people while trying to defeat the bad. Not only that, but the cause itself such a beautiful thing; to have so many compassionate people with a heartfelt focus in mind. Not all the same exact focus, but all leading to a very similar path but for animals of all kind; to free animals and prove to them that their lives are just as valuable as ours. 

Why else? Maybe it’s because we go to such extremes to help promote this change for animals, or maybe it’s simply because we are different. Different in the fact that we are willing to do whatever it takes to improve the fate of all life. Regardless, it has nothing to do with ourselves. It all has to do with the animals, those who can’t make the change themselves; the defenseless creatures of our planet that do nothing only to get taken advantage of and in return given no choice but a horrible ending, all to again benefit others and not fulfill their righteous, true purpose of life.


A lot of times we hear of animal rights activist doing what some would call crazy – getting arrested, angrily petitioning or boycotting, and not putting a halt to what they stand true by. If the animal rights community wasn’t frustrated, angry, or upset with the actions continuously placed upon animals or with the people who do these horrible actions, our movement wouldn’t be nearly as strong or successful as it has been up until this day. In some way I am thanking those who are in disfavor for animals. Not because you are entitled an opinion, but simply because you make us that much more prompt to make a change for those who can feel, love, and mourn, just like us, regardless of how they look or appear to be different from us on the outside.

This goes out to those who have been defeated, either with criticism, hatred, or were unsuccessful in their journey towards animal liberation. DON’T GIVE UP! There’s always room to expand the circle of those who value life for all beings. For we never know the fate of ourselves or those around us; we must cherish life at its most precious state, right now.

With that being said, we must continue this journey to animal liberation, regardless of what obstacles stand in our way. Whether it is with a group, a friend, or even by ourselves, we must never give up or give in! We are their voices. If we give up on them, who will help them towards the path of a new found light? Who will speak out for those who can’t speak out for themselves?

Whatever bumps in the road leads you to confusion, disgust, or down right self disappointment or hatred, this is such a crucial time to keep on going. It’s clear to many that the hardest parts of our life are those when we struggle. But, the strongest parts of our lives are when we overcome those struggles. Better yet, the best parts of our lives are when we struggle, overcome that struggle, and continue forward stronger, because of it. 

We must always remember that we are not the voice for one, two, or three animals, but the voice for them all! Just because we failed to succeed once does not mean we can not succeed again. To rise, we must fall. To live, we must learn. 

Furthermore, we must not let others discourage us, because that is only what they intend to do after all. In times like these, hope is what seems to keep us moving forward. The mission of empathy for all must not stop here!

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” 

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Without being part of this devoted group of people called the animal rights community, I don’t believe Empathy For Animals would be as successful as it is today. Although the community may include people who we do not agree with others on the same level, we all are capable of feeling empathy for others and making a difference for animals, and even those around us.

Thanks for all you do for animals, regardless of what you do or where you stand, if you’re doing something, it is so much better than doing nothing at all!

Watch below to see how extreme the animal rights community will go to honor the lives of animals who were horribly sacrificed for the sake of humans. These 3 activists do a reenactment of the branding of the calf’s number, chosen by the industry to be ‘269, is for us, an act of solidarity and immortalization. We hope to be able to raise awareness and empathy towards those, whose cries of terror and pain are only heard by steel bars and the blood stained walls of the slaughterhouses.” This proves that although this may be extreme, the cause behind it is very meaningful and to benefit animals.

“We hope that this branding action, besides spreading the word for animal rights globally, will encourage each and every one of you to start and be more active for them, and in non-conventional ways. If things stay the way they are, the animal holocaust is here to stay.” ~269life

Also, don’t forget to check out their site which I have linked above for great information of how to keep the fight strong! Below is their branding demonstration.