The Negative Connotation of the Animal Rights Community Plus Inspiration (Part 2)

PictureAs a follow up to our last post, we decided that making a part two would be unavoidable. The animal rights community has such a huge impact on the lives of many animals, so why not honor it? Regardless of the negative connotation it receives amongst those not in its favor, we must continue to move forward in our journey towards animal liberation.
With all these negativities that constantly occur day by day in regards to moving forward, one may not help but ask what hope is really left for mankind and the animals we tease ourselves with by calling our own. It seems we are taught to take the world in as it is given to us; to accept the fate of those around us and only seek wellbeing for ourselves instead of others. Why is it the world is perceived in such a way? For many, it is not realized that this world is multi-layered when it comes to the morals of humanity.

It’s the lack of empathy, lack of concern, self-arrogance, and discompassion that make up what seems the morals of society when it comes to other non-human beings. This leads to a great misinterpretation that many non-activists for animals make: the wronging in which many animal activists either care more about animals than humans or don’t care much for humans at all.

Now, first of all, we must consider the fact that we ourselves are humans. Why would one hate oneself for the acts of the rest of the world? But, considering that the world’s economic crisis, pollution, and agriculture issues are the result of human acts, one can easily argue their disfavor for humanity is rational. But the question is not why we dislike humans, for you and I are humans, too, but what makes us favor these animals over humans. To some, this is clear: innocence, loving, and the need for love. Of course these traits are found in humans, but they are just different. One who experiences these from an animal can personally tell you that they are just not like humans in these sorts of ways, but yet they are. It seems like they take all the bad traits and qualities of humans and make them into something better. They never intend to hurt or harm anyone or anything unless they must.

But the real question is why so many people think because you care about animals you can not care about humans? In reality, we are not thinking of only ourselves in the first place & doing so, we are broadening our spectrum so far, that we widen it to fit other species as well. Humans are not any more important that animals. What makes people think fighting for pro-life only includes humans, as opposed to animals? And isn’t is just down right sad how it seems people are only looking in a mirror at this cause? Thinking of themselves instead of the very live of the animal being killed? How about the lives of the ones you are killing?


And although we this may be true, fortunately for us, and as one learns more and communicates and interacts with all races, genders, religions, it comes into perspective that regardless how different we are, we are yet the same. We make up this planet we call Earth, do we not? This includes all form of life, animals, too. So why must we separate ourselves through power and uninformed logic? And I hope we can one day restore the intelligence to occupy our minds with the truth that empathy exists within all forms.

This in particular leads me to another negativity said of the animal rights community: the word ‘extremist.’ Why does the word have such a bad meaning to those who place animal activism as such an extreme behavioral view? Of course we can be extreme, but that is only because the acts of animal cruelty are so unbelievably extreme! Sometimes we feel as if we must get on the level of others. But the majority of the animal rights community would never wish to harm anyone or anything! We are extreme in the way we so strongly believe in animal liberation, yes. But we are not extreme in the way that we wish to kill any animal, like a majority of the population, regardless of whether they do it themselves or not, that is the perceived connotation by continuing to support its industries. Besides, with the way the world is turning, it seems we are in awful need for extremist to take charge in their activism and make change by showing they are serious about what they stand for regardless of what it may be.

In fact, many well-known people such as Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, and so many others were known as extremists. Obviously, their impact did make a difference which can still be seen today. So although becoming called an extremist to others may seem negative, it could lead to the success of activism of those above.

Besides the fact that being called an extremist could be offensive to some and given a negative connotation, who could argue that slaughter, murder, and rape to an animal should be taken lightly? These animals deserve their right to live, just as you and I. Why can’t we at least grant them that? Sure, to many, farm animal lives are destined for death, but what makes the different from a pet and what makes their lives to different from ours? Their purpose on Earth should not be to serve and be a slave for another being. In fact, those exact times of human enslavement have come and gone, likewise why not seize this destruction to all animals? It’s time to step it up and get into this century. And regardless of how we categorize an animal, each and everyone feels pain and that is definitely something that we can not deny. We must respect existence or expect resistance.

But unfortunately there are still many that would not agree with an animal’s ability to feel. How is this so when we are animals after all? And isn’t it sad that we knew their fate all along? Regardless of the petitions, the boycotts, and all the time we have put into animal rights and liberation. But, even though we may not be able to save every single animal at this time, this doesn’t mean we can’t one day or continue to improve the lives of these animals, even if it means just saving one. One can turn into two, and two could turn into three… Through these rough times when nothing seems like it is getting any better, must look at the ONLY good in this situation: liberation, finally, to shine upon us in the dark nights as stars, even if death does occur. The only good is knowing that these animals are in a better place, whether it’s up above in the sky, or somewhere else, we must continue on knowing we TRIED.

If we didn’t continue to try in the past, we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere like we are today. Not every time we try something are we successful. From there, we learn we must keep trying again until we are. And that’s just what the animal rights community is all about. Though we may not succeed at times, we fight harder and stronger every time after. After all wouldn’t you rather slowly move in the right direction that quickly in the wrong one? Besides, animals are not ours to eat. They are only ours through the ignorance of our own minds. To live and let live is one of the keys to peace in our lives. By doing this, we can remain compassionate human beings towards all animals, not just the ones we choose.

And although we all seem to be compassionate for different reasonings, find what you’re compassionate about and stick with it, be strong! Whether it’s animal rights or not, every being on this Earth needs and deserves compassion.  Every single one of you! Through the good and the ugly, without showing compassion to others, we aren’t human and that’s one of many things we share with beings of all kinds! So stay strong, stay truthful, and continue on with what you stand for because, regardless on the negative connotations of those around you, only you can be the change you wish to see in the world (Ghandi).

You can be surprised how alone you may feel in the world, only to find out that there is a whole army by your side! I realize this more and more each day as I become more active for animals. It’s amazing how even meat eaters can be on your side, too! We just must hope that one day, all those around us will behave in favor of all lives. Until then, we must continue our journey towards animal liberation, regardless of whether our beliefs are of popular demand or not. The only way to keep on going when we are pushed down is to get back up and do it all over again. Of course we change up what we do in hopes we succeed the next time, but we know in our hearts that we must never fully give up! The animals need us as much as we need them. We do this for them, not for ourselves and regardless of who sees that, it’s in our best favor to stay true to what we believe in and know to be good for all beings.

Thanks to everyone who continues to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Without you, their voices would never be heard. Besides, the animal rights movement wouldn’t receive the negative connotation it does today without the help of all the people who put their all into it. (I mean that in the best way, of course!). Besides, who’s to say the connotation we receive is exactly negative to us? To me, being called an extremist only proves you are extremely dedicated to what you are fighting for and who’s to say eating meat is not extreme? Just because a group of people have been doing something for so long, does not make it rational, correct, or moral. Sometimes it’s best to step aside from the crowd and do the thinking on your own! We can all easily make our own judgements but it seems that we tend to depend on others to back us up and not stand alone.

Even if you stand alone on a cause, which I highly doubt, make your voice be heard and reach out to others to understand where you are coming from. If we just let others decide what is moral and what is immoral, we would never make an impact on the lives of others in which we know needs to change!

I have no video to share with you today, just pure inspiration and compassion to continue on doing what you feel the most strong about!

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”
~Earl Nightingale