The Desensitization of Eating Flesh

PictureWhen you ask someone if they love animals, odds are they will more than likely say ‘yes.’ The thing about this is that, if they really loved animals, why would they eat them? It seems this is one of the questions that many animal rights activists do not fully understand the answers to. A majority of today’s society is desensitized to eating certain animals while loving others thanks to the media, out of public’s eye unethical farming practices, disregard of truth, and lack of compassion. 

It’s unfortunate that most of those who say they love animals eat them too. The question is how this has come to be. Is it because we’re around companion animals like cats and dogs more often than farm animals? Actually, most of us aren’t around farm animals, period! Does out of sight out of mind hold true to this circumstance? I’d say so.

The huge amount of disconnect leaks from the fact that so many of us have never even been emotionally attached to a farm animal like we have been to cats and dogs, for example. Is this why we love our dog but eat a pig? What’s the difference? In fact, pigs are known to act like dogs, so really, what makes us view one as food and the other as a loyal companion? Why love one and eat another? It just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore knowing what we know today.

But, considering how secretive these factory farms are, the only awareness the public has on this reality is footage is from undercover investigations, images, or interview from factory farm workers. With that being said, is it fair to say that humans separate species by how they have once connected with them? This idea can easily be tied to speciesism.

Many could argue that we are not speciesist because we don’t think we are superior to everything. For example, we believe are compassion animals are family. Even if this was true, there are still a majority of people who do not even consider the rights of their dog, let alone other animals to have equal or similar rights to humans. But what exactly has caused this disconnection to nonhuman animals and what makes this situation any different from the slavery of other humans? 

Maybe it’s their inability to talk and what some people still believe, feel. Though science has proven that animals can feel many emotions such as pain, love, and stress, society tends to ignore these facts by putting their own wants first. Unfortunately for these who chose to deny the truth, facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. These facts are real and are something we use to educate and inform others, provoking an urge for change. Instead, we disregard the truth simply because it does not seem to specifically affect us as human beings. But actually, we are all connected. After all, we make up this Earth, every single one of us. Don’t we owe it to these animals to at least consider their thoughts and feelings; for us, too, are animals.Even if some realize that these animals can feel just like their companion animals can, why do they still continue to choose what animals they can and can’t eat? Why should there even be a question or assumption. Every animal is capable of feeling. What will it take for this to really sink into our heads?And unfortunately, as it turns out, a lot of these people either simply don’t care or don’t think they can make a difference. Even if they did somewhat care, they tend to push that sensitivity aside because they feel foolish; how could such horror exist if these animals could really feel? Or maybe; if this was true, no one would eat meat. Well, unfortunately that’s false. Simply because people either feel they are superior or are not willingly to give up a want to spare a life. And that’s just shameful.

Furthermore, telling yourself you can’t make a difference alone is far from true. One vegetarian can save roughly 100 animals a year! Besides, who says you’re alone on this journey? Whether you’re just starting off or haven’t at all, improvements can always be made. Just because our thoughts and feelings may seem to be the minority, does not mean it’s not believed by others. At one time the minority was those who believed slavery was wrong and that all humans should be treated as equals. Here we are today, the minority being stronger than ever, in a very similar situation. But this time it is not humans, but animals; non-human animals who are in this position and they need your help. Besides, who’s to say change isn’t still possible? 

By not supporting these horrific industries (more info here) you are not only becoming aware, but you are realizing the importance and value of life. Life for all, that is. Sure, you may think that because you chose not to eat meat or boycott a company that this will not make much of a change, so why stop. But at that point, you would be desensitizing yourself from the reality of supply and demand. Again, you are not alone. There is no need to be discouraged, although it acceptable at first. Like many things in life, we must break though what is standing in our way, especially in a situation like this. A life is serious, precious, and should never be taken for granted. You cherish your life, don’t you? Then maybe it is time to take advantage of the changes you alone can make. What’s unacceptable is how the life of another being is placed upon others by force. No one should determine another’s fate. 

You can help stop this, you really can. One step towards good is a stepper further from evil. Make the connection; don’t be disconnected from the truth. We are all capable of harm, denial, compassion, but best of all, change. Why not take a step in the right direction, to benefit all? Don’t let other’s misconceptions hold you back from exploring the truth.

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