Manifestation of Speciesism

Sometimes it can be rather difficult to see the viewpoint of others whom seem to oppose the cruelty towards animals, or are just oblivious. This is no way to exactly avoid situations like these in the real world because there is a wide range of diverse ideas resulting in disagreements, always. But sometimes, there are situations that you can’t even imagine how biased people could possible be and how one side is clearly the correct or moral side over the other. Obviously, this falls under vegetarianism. Whether you have friends, family members, or even a relationship in which two sides fall under disagreement, it can be rather complicated. Although putting our difference aside may appear to be the correct way to settle the problem, this can only be in effect for so long.

With that being said, I have encountered many situations lately in which someone’s side, involving empathy of animals, always seemed to be biased but towards a negative reasoning. Although calling it a negative reasoning may seem arrogant, my opinion is just as biased as theirs. So how can a majority of the world go about eating meat,with this in mind; thinking that vegetarians want change for animals, but it won’t happen because of the majority of people who will not stop? Is this really so?
 Let’s consider this… when it comes to animal rights, you would think that although an idea may not be in 100% of your favor, that if it positively impacts the life on another, you’d want this, wouldn’t you? 

It’s obvious that not everyone has the same moral code, but it’s certain that we are all selfish and want the best for ourselves. But why can’t this moral code include not only ourselves or other humans, but other animals, as well? Why is it that we must be so selfish whether it regards another human, but mostly an animal? Is it because we can relate more to the lives’ of other humans but not to the lives’ of other animals? I believe it falls down to these various reasons: greed, power, and speciesism. Uniformly, all these factors tie together to create what makes people so selfish. In particular, this idea of speciesism comes from the belief that no one seems to consider that they are doing anything wrong, simply because they believe to not have the same empathy level as an animal, but indeed more. 

“Consider this example: A child and a dog are trapped in a fire. You can only save one of them. Which will you save?

What makes choosing the dog over the human morally wrong? Is it because humans are seen to have a higher value of empathy over other beings? Is it because humans simply have more power, meaning more significance? Or, is it the idea in which humans have more intelligence, leading to overall importance? 

The answer is simple, yet commonly rejected: speciesism