Looking Back and Looking Forward

What’s really incredible is how an annual trend can really get someone to change what he or she does in life. Well, at least for a short amount of time, that is, unless they stick to it. But whether or not this happens is clearly up to their determination. Seeing all the New Year’s Resolutions going around, it makes it almost inevitable to come up with your own and make a personal goal for 2013. 
But before doing that, it’s a good start to look back on the year before looking forward to the one coming up. What changes have you made? What changes do you need to make? 

A lot of people rush right into a New Year’s Resolution without looking back because sometimes they’re afraid to. But why is this so? If you made a considerate choice the first time around, looking back shouldn’t be all that difficult. Of course, we all have our flaws and mistakes that we have made, but why not start the year out right; demolishing the root of our mistakes, the things that make us feel guilty. 

This way, we can be satisfied with our choices we make without regretting any of them. Well, the ones we can have the power to avoid, that is.

In order to do this, one must ask oneself probably the most important question: What’s important to you and what can you do in the future to demonstrate that? Remember, the answer to this question is determined specifically by whom it is being asked to you. What’s important to you, not someone else. 

And so it seems that one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves as human beings is that we can’t change or won’t change. Really? You’ve been changing and growing ever since you were first starting to develop in your mother’s womb! Using excuses like these only lead to statements saying you “will” do something. And let’s face it, we all have things that we put aside and say we will get back to. But of those things, which do you really go back to and achieve or even reconsider?

Why not make the difference now so you can’t even come up with those lame excuses? Well, to even answer that question, it will seem as if you’re coming up with an excuse. But is that what you call “reasoning;” not doing something because you believe you have made an acceptable excuse? Or is it actually just something else that is keeping you from doing something that you could being doing right now?

That is up to your discretion. But, what’s important to get out of this is that having the will power to do something and overlooking and pushing those excuses away from your goal will get you to where you want to be, no matter what it is. 

With that being said, there are plenty of changes you can make right now, and I’m sure you’re more than aware of them: cutting back on meat, daily, or animal products in general, saying no to fur or leather, being more active and informing others, or best of all becoming vegetarian or vegan.

Now I know these choices may seem cliché to those of an animal rights community, but in reality, we’re not perfect, no one is. We all have things we can improve on and ways we either know how to do it but are holding back on or need to come up with these ways on how we can personally make that change for ourselves, for the animals. 

But what that exact change may be varies from person to person.  And although your New Year’s Resolution may not even include animals, I really hope it does. For one small change for animals, is an even larger change for health, the environment, and the whole world. 

As you know, for many, a New Year’s Resolution is more like a New Year’s attempt for change. Don’t be one of those people. Be someone to make a real change, a change that is everlasting.  Though a New Year’s Resolution should not be determined by time or how long it takes to complete with resolution, a resolution should be a promise, a solution, a commitment. 


No matter what your New Year’s Resolution is, or if you even have one, that is beyond me. But don’t stop there.  If you have one, this is a start, good for you and if you don’t that’s okay, too. No one needs to sit down and come up with a false resolution that they are bound to break. Let’s be realistic when making these choices. Whatever you choose, go into it gradually and ease your way into it.

The problem most people face is diving into something too soon and not letting themselves come up for air. In return, this makes their resolution turn into a failure at best. 

Take this as a life lesson if you will: a change is unpredictable, not always, but it will happen when you least expect it. Though you can’t sit there and expect a miracle, you can work towards a positive goal. If you really put towards the effort, like with anything, you will succeed if you stick with it.

Sure, you can start with a New Year’s Resolution, but by all means, don’t stop there! Start small and build your way up. Usually this ensures you achieve your goal without turning back. Keep in mind; I said “turning back,” not looking back! 

There comes a point in time where we all need to reflect on our goal to reassure ourselves we are doing what’s best for not only ourselves, but others, as well. Now it’s your turn. What’s your New Year’s Resolution, goal, or change you are bringing into the New Year?

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Whatever change you decide to make, whether it be for New Year’s or starting today, make sure it reflects who you are. For only you can make those changes!