Why Bunnies Love Queen Helene

Leaping-Bunny-logoWhen it comes to daily routine, for most of us, washing our face is essential; especially for teens or adolescents who are looking to unclog pores by ridding of dirt and grime and also reduce acne. Having all these requests while searching for a vegan product to accomplish this may seem rather difficult. But when you’re looking for affordable, fine quality products you can trust, sometimes the answers may be right in front of your face without knowing it!

A personal favorite that I always recommend to those in search of skin products that contain no animal ingredients nor are tested on animal is Queen Helene! In fact, they just got brand new products. They smell great, work great, are a great price and are great for animals. They’re overall just GREAT!

If you have not checked them out, I highly recommend doing so. And though not all of their products are vegan, they are leaping bunny certified and it’s very easy to tell when a product is not 100% vegan. Fortunately, yet unfortunately, I’ve only came across one product line that isn’t, though: The Queen Helene Royal Curl Collection which is not vegan because it contains Royal Jelly Extract which is a substance produced by the glands of bees. Other than that, you should be safe!

Though they have one non-vegan product, Queen of Helene not only has skin products but hair, bath, and foot products, too! The reason I get so hyped about their products is because not only the overall quality but the price considering how long it lasts when 2 or 3 other people use it besides myself! When it comes to face wash, my personal face wash would have to be the Mint Julep Natural Face Scrub and the NEW Pomegranate and Raspberry Natural Facial Scrub. Though I have never tried any of their other products they also have the following:



-Butters and Oils

-Facial Masques-Deodorants-Lip Balm

-Professional Grade Creams

-Cholesterol Products for Hair (NOT VEGAN)

-Hot Oils



-Bottle Gels

-Professional Styling Gels

-Royal Curl (NOT VEGAN)

-Strength & Shine Styling

-Foot Lotion

-Foot Scrubs

-Mineral Foot Bath

-Mineral Bath Liquids

-Mineral Bath Salts

Clearly, they have a lot to offer! So really, give them a go, I doubt you will regret it! Check them out at your local supermarket, drug store or stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Ulta, and more!

If you’re searching for more companies that don’t test on animals, be sure to go here.

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  • Stephanie Gorchynski

    Googling vegan hair stuff tonight I found that Queen Helene Cholesterol cream does contain both animal-derived lanolin (sheep) and glyceryl (cow) — so sad to say this brand is off the cruelty-free beauty list. Taking a quick look at the other products in this brand — most aren’t. Not sure what the date (year) of your post was/is, but I’d update it — if I’m wrong definitely do correct me!

    • Hey Stephanie,
      I am honestly not sure about the Cholesterol Cream. Though I did e-mail them asking which of their products were not vegan, they only told me the ones above.

      I’m going to go ahead and update this post just incase it is not. Thanks for the heads up!

  • vegan74637882874

    disgusting and to think i almost bought from these killers,i don’tsupport brands that have even one cruel product,i actually have them in my cart right now but ill be cancelling,great site,thanks. love you vegans and animals do too

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for the touching words and hope you keep in touch with our community! We need dedicated people like yourself. 🙂