Where Do You Get Your Protein?

veg-protein1How many times have you heard the ever so famous line: “As a vegetarian, you are lacking protein.” Well guess what, that is a MYTH! This goes out to all these people who continuously ask me what I eat or how I obtain the vitamins, minerals, and proteins to survive. Yes, I really said survive, because apparently without meat, I will shrivel up and die. But here I am, years and years later… But really, the options are endless. When first going vegetarian or even years after, sadly, people always seem to harp at you about what you eat and if you’re getting the right nutrition, vitamins, etc. After a while, you’ll hear these sayings a lot, “Go eat a salad or something” or “Are you taking your vitamins!?” No offense, but those people are a little illogical to think that meat is the only food option for protein or vitamins. Let’s face it, there is one thing, if not several things, that the world can not seem to comprehend. And that is that almost everything contains protein! So no worries here, you’ll be getting more than enough protein. In fact, meat eaters tend to have excess of this. “It is virtually impossible not to get enough protein, provided you have enough to eat of natural, unrefined foods.”

To name a few that can easily substitute protein/vitamins: spinach, soy, lentils, walnuts, almonds, tofu, legumes, tempeh, beans, vegetable protein, seeds, peanut butter… and the list goes on and on. So in order for someone to question what a vegetarian may eat, is silly. You probably wonder how the protein rich foods above could even correlate into a meal, I suppose. Well, from meatless alternatives, in which can easily take the place of chicken, a burger, meaty lasagna, pulled pork, baby back ribs, pepperoni, lunch meat, etc, a meal is easily made. And no, you will not be missing out, trust me. There is really no excuse except arrogance itself. From GardeinBocaMorningstarQuorn,Amy’s to Yves, you name it, there’s a meatless product for it and it’s sure to capture your taste buds, guaranteed!


I would like to make a specific recommendation to those who currently eat meat and are considering to turn a new leaf and try vegetarain meatless foods. And that would be to try out Gardein, in particular. Their products have more of a meat-like texture that even I sometimes can not stand to eat after cleansing flesh out of my beyond for years. But certainly, for those whom this concerns, I would highly try their products out. You’ll be sure to love their meatless options wondering why you haven’t done so earlier. Beyond the endless options are extreme health benefits which you can check out (here in my other blog that will be updated shortly). If you have any questions regarding vegetarian food ideas, recipes, or where to buy these products, you can surely contact me here. Nevertheless, it’s not only about the food or health, but the most important factor of this decision: for the empathy of animals.

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Even if you’re not a vegetarian, be sure to watch the video below for additional vegetarian meal ideas, because we have to start the change somewhere: