Veggie Fest 2013 Overview

logo2013.fw  Veggie Fest 2013 OverviewIf you haven’t already been to the Veggie Fest that takes place every summer in Naperville, IL I’m not quite sure what you’re waiting for! In fact, it’s the largest in the nation and at no entrance fee, not stopping by would be unavoidable!

From live cooking demos, free vegetarian food samples, animal rights organizations, live music, vegetarian and vegan food vendors, spiritual speakers, and even activities for children, Veggie Fest makes it easy to enjoy yourself and celebrate your lifestyle with likeminded people; and even learn what a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle has to offer with lots of free goodies and warm welcome hands for those who plan to begin their journey and make a difference.

You’d be surprised to find how comforting and welcoming the Veggie Fest is for people of all kinds. The Veggie Fest is really for anyone – vegans, vegetarians, animal lovers, or people who just want to get more familiar with this lifestyle and become more educated on the health benefits, behind the scenes reality and learn more about compassion and the world around them; all in return allows us to learn more about ourselves and other cultures.

Various food vendors allow visitors to test on vegan and vegetarian foods with many different cuisines from around the world: Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, American, Mexican, Greek, and even raw food. And of course, dessert! Each vendor clearly specifies whether their food is vegan or not by a green “V” next to the item. Finding delicious veg food that leaves you with a good conscious is at your fingertips!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out an event like Veggie Fest, I highly recommend you see if there’s something like it going on in your area. Regardless if you have attended an event like it, we can all agree that it’s not only a great opportunity to educate the public, but also a great way to praise and celebrate vegetarians and vegans who are already making a difference and allowing others to give it a try. To learn more about the Veggie Fest, go here.

I am really looking forward to the Chicago Vegan Mania fest taking place next month on September 21st in my hometown!

What’s your favorite veg-related fest or event?

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