Turn Tofu Tasty With the TofuXpress

photoI, too, would instantly marinate my tofu after draining and cutting it. And even after marinating I wouldn’t even think to press my tofu. Break another bowl by placing cans in it trying to press it myself while wasting so many paper towels? I’ll pass. With that being said, who ever knew there was a difference? Either I didn’t have the patience to let it press long enough or I didn’t bother one bit; but that all changed after hearing about the TofuXpress.

First off, I didn’t bother pressing my tofu much to begin with, as you know, so ordering the TofuXpress was something I didn’t predict myself to do.

After trying the TofuXpress for the first time, I immediately noticed a difference in the tofu; not only in the way it looked, but the texture and taste, as well. It not only effectively gets out water in as little as one hour, but ensures the tofu marinates and really sucks up the sauce or flavoring you want it to have.

So here’s how it works: simply open your package of tofu, drain it and place the block inside the TofuXpress. Secure the spring and allow the tofu to press in the fridge for an hour, two, or over night depending on your preferred texture. Then, drain the water that has come to the top – there will be a lot! Next, cut the tofu into pieces and you will already notice how different it looks. Put the tofu back into the TofuXpress and add a sauce of your choosing to marinate it with. Cover with the lid and allow it to marinate for at least 20 or 30 minutes. I usually do this until 10 minutes more after the oven is preheated to save time. Lastly press it once more to really soak in the flavor for 15 minutes or so. You don’t have to do the last step but you will notice a difference. With the remaining sauce or marinade, just cook it in it!


Now that doesn’t seem too hard does it? Though I wasn’t thrilled about the price and was a bit fizzled looking at the hefty spring that presses down the tofu, I can honestly say it was worth it. Time is money and no one has time to wait or deal with the mess of pressing tofu with household items.

Besides, considering all the paper towels I used in the little amount of times I did press my tofu, it practically paid itself! Plus it’s dishwasher safe, easy to store and can even press spinach and other vegetables, as well. Did I forget that you could marinate the tofu in the same dish by placing the lid it comes with on top? Who’s not for less dishes?!

If you’re really into DIY, you can pick up a lighter pressured spring and a cheesecloth and make your own soy cheese! How cool would that be?

You can pick up your very own TofuXpress here and say goodbye to stacked books, soaked paper towels by the dozens and a messy aftermath. The TofuXpress will definitely make your job a lot easier and tastier at best!

Be sure to check out the video below to see the TofuXpress in action!