Traveling the Veg Way Plus Restaurants



Being a vegetarian in a meat eating world can be difficult if you don’t know where and what you can eat. But regardless, vegetarians like to eat, too! Between vacation and business trips to a day down town, when it comes to travel, food seems to be a rather large factor. When you take away meat from your options, to too many people, it seems there are hardly any options left at all. But, with a little research of location and restaurants, you can easily figure out what you can order ahead of time and even contact the restaurant in advance!

Besides salads, there is actually a variety to choose from. Depending on the kind of food, the options may vary, though. For example, at a barbeque restaurant you wouldn’t really find much and that’s pretty obvious but sometimes they have veggie burgers on the menu and if needed, why not ask them if they can whip you up something?

This goes for other types of restaurants too: Italian, Mexican, Middle-Eastern, Asian, Chinese, Thai, American, etc. A lot of times there are healthy side options such as a baked potato, salad, and pasta that you can easily make into a dinner. Other times there are foods that they can make that aren’t even on the menu!

With that being said, a great option here is to talk to your waiter. Simply tell them what you can’t eat and ask if they have any substitutes. A lot of times the chef will be more than willing to make you something special if you ask. 

Also, a lot of the time you can get any food on the menu, without meat. All you have to do it ask. Of course, this isn’t always the case and items may already have meat in the sauce etc. but if you have any doubts on whether or not it’s possible, asking is always the best solution. No one knows the meal better than the people who make it. 

This may seem frightening to some people, though. Asking what’s in your food? Well, when it comes to dietary issues or allergies, these things are never an issue so why should discluding animal products be?


If asking makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t think that there aren’t other ways. If there aren’t any vegetarian options as it is on the menu, don’t be afraid to ask for ______ without meat. This is a simple way of turning something vegetarian. Most of the times the chef has no problem not including meat and usually will provide you with a discount by taking out the price of the meat. What’s there to loose? 

But sometimes you have no idea where you want to go out to eat because you don’t know what they have that is vegetarian. That’s where these great resources come in handy. Simply lookup a town, restaurant, or state and find out all about it. Some helpful resources for vegetarian menu items and restaurants can be found at:

If you’re going to a different country, be sure to check out these phrases to tell the waiter what you can and can’t eat!

Vegetarian Phrases In Other Languages 

During your travel, if staying in a hotel or condo is an option why not seek out a health food store and make your own homemade meals? If you do this before hand, it will make your stay stress-free. This goes eating out, as well.

If you get an idea of restaurants in your area you are staying ahead of time, you can not only easily plan out where you can go at your convenience, but you know what you can get too. 

If you don’t have internet connection available to use these tools, a GPS is another option. You can easily search for a Whole Foods or any other health foods store around your area of destination. You can even look for farmers markets for fresh produce if you’re somewhere.

The best thing you can do when you travel is be prepared. As long as you ask when in doubt or check before hand, you should have no problem eating where ever it may be.

Being flexible is another aspect of travel. If your diet is restricted, then so are your choices. But, that doesn’t mean that your choices are fully limited. Most of the time if you choose to go to a restaurant they are more than happy to be flexible with you and provide a veggies or beans instead of chicken in a dish for example.

With all these options available, there is really no reason to slack or get off the wagon during any sort of travel, especially with today’s technology. For those of you with an iPod or iPhone, you can check out the following apps for on the run:

Be sure to check out the video below for great tips on eating vegetarian while traveling. 
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