The Real Take on UGG Boots

What are 99.8% of the female population wearing now that winter is approaching? You guessed it, UGG boots. I can’t tell you how many people I see every single day supporting this fashion crime, and I can bet you that over 90% of them don’t even know the facts. According to many, these boots are not only fashionable but super comfy. Regardless, the behind the scenes murder that most are unfamiliar with is unacceptable. So many people falsely believe that these UGG boots had no harm in the making and that the sheep’s wool was simply sheared off. WRONG!
Let’s be logical here, if this was so, how would the wool stay attached to the boot? It wouldn’t… not without the sheepskin. The sheep used to produce wool are not only used for this, but for their meat. In this case, the sheep is slaughtered. By wearing UGG boots, you are contributing to the slaughter of sheep whether you realize it or not. Must I explain the inhumane procedure these sheep must go through just to end up being walked on? (Gotta love puns). 

After viewing the video below, maybe you’ll think twice about those pair of UGG boots. You won’t think they’re ‘so cute’ anymore, because what happens to these vulnerable animals is not cute. If you are truly that hooked on UGGs, be sure to check out these cruelty-free alternatives here with the same look and comfort, without the harm: UGG faux or vegan leather boots. And as always, please inform others to help spread the message. 

*Bear Paw boots DO contribute to animal cruelty, as well!

For animal-free UGG resemblances check out our post here!

Warning: the video below contain graphic footage that may cause extreme discomfort, especially to younger viewers.

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  • Brownallyear

    I couldn’t watch the video, as I might not sleep at night but where is your share button so I can post on Facebook?

    • Hi there,

      We now have share buttons on the bottom of the page! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

    • Hi there,

      There are now share buttons at the bottom of the page as well as like buttons. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Ash

    i may have my facts wrong – but a couple of years ago didn’t the Gillard govt ban the live export of sheep and other animals because of this cruelty? i could be wrong but i’m so sure they didi ok well thought they did

    • Hello,
      I am actually unsure of the Gillard government so I would have to do some research and get back to you!

  • Shannon Marie

    There’s a recent article out that even the “faux” uggs companies are particpating in animal cruelty. They aren’t using sheep but abusing other animals instead.

  • Lori Kieffer Arnold

    OMG what do you think they do with the hide after you have your lovely lamb chops? Or how about those leather seats in your Caddillacs? They dont just throw out the hide after a meat animal is butchered! Thats what farm animals are for! Grow up people!

    • Xanthia Gonzales

      They can obtain their wool in a more humane manner, no excuses. Different companies and different situations. When I buy duvet blankets I purchase the ‘alternative down’. When I bought my couches I made sure they were ‘faux leather’. People should be more aware as a consumer…I DO however support using animal leather etc to make sure the rest of the animal doesn’t go to waste.

    • People with a conscience have the ability to make compassionate choices! We are no longer cavemen, I would’ve liked to think that the human race has evolved in most cases..there is absolutely no need to use animals for ANYTHING these days!!

      • Exactly!! Thank you for uplifting spirits to transmute negative to positive energy through compassion and wisdom! Much love!!

    • Many people are being more compassionate about their everyday choices and are leaving animals corpses out and off of their bodies! There is no “growing up” to do here. The only growing that should be done is through the level of compassion we embrace towards all beings, humans and non-human animals. Please raise your compassion and extend it to ALL beings. Go vegan for ALL beings! We will ALL benefit from this transmission of positive energy.. Much love!

  • Love_Live_Dream100

    By anychance do You know if BearPaws use animal cruelity too? I just bought a pair and now i’m really worried that animals were mistreated in the making.

  • Catherine Baxter

    how do you get the video to play in a larger format than just the strip?

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  • Beth Aaron

    The world of humans is a world of pathology and crimes against nature. Our supremacist relationship with animals has shaped the ugliness in human society. Human/animal violence is inextricable. Abuse of power is species and color blind.. Uggs are UGLY and children would NEVER wear them if they knew the bloody truth. Why in the name of all things merciful do humans carve out the hearts of children like they do the hearts of animals, figuratively of course but heart disease starts in the mind, extending physically. Heart disease is the number 1 killer on earth. UGGS are a crime against nature …..Merciless. Without mercy=pathology.

    • Thank you for extending your compassionate wisdom! Much love!!