Halal Meat: Humane or the Same?

The question has come up about halal meats. What is it and is it humane? The word halal means food that is permissible according to Islam law. Like kosher meat in which Jews eat, Muslims eat halal meat only. According … Continue Reading →

Humane Slaughter is a Myth

There is something that makes me cringe when I hear the words “humane slaughter.” But in fact, it is no surprise. How can slaughter even behumane? Imagine raising your child in an environment you felt would benefit you, not them, you. Of course you wouldn’t give them luxuries or any such pleasure, just simply … Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving is Approaching

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Each year 300 million turkeys, whom have families of their own, are slaughtered for the sake of food this holiday. With that being said… how does one sit down and say what they are … Continue Reading →

The Real Take on UGG Boots

What are 99.8% of the female population wearing now that winter is approaching? You guessed it, UGG boots. I can’t tell you how many people I see every single day supporting this fashion crime, and I can bet you that … Continue Reading →