Don’t Wear Fur on Your Back, Animals Want Their Fur Back!

As you can imagine, this time of year is rather special. It’s not only special because of the holiday gatherings many participate in, but because of the common array of fashion that seems to appear about. The fur hats, the fur gloves, the fur boots, the fur jackets, the fur coats, the fur trimmings… it’s … Continue Reading →

The Only Side of Fishing, the Dark Side

When you tell someone you’re a vegetarian they always seem to give you the “do you eat fish?” question. But honestly, how is that a question at all? Fish are animals, just because they are a certain kind, doesn’t make them any … Continue Reading →

The Real Take on UGG Boots

What are 99.8% of the female population wearing now that winter is approaching? You guessed it, UGG boots. I can’t tell you how many people I see every single day supporting this fashion crime, and I can bet you that … Continue Reading →