Strathmore’s Who’s Who Honors Empathy For Animals Founder

To say the least, this year has already treated Empathy For Animals with great respect. Half way through, we are off to a great start as our updates and advances are moving forward on the website. As we do this, our followers continue to increase and we can’t be more grateful for that. Empathy For Animals main object is to spread knowledge through truth and realization of what these animals encounter in their daily lives and ways to take action and be that difference by simple changes in your daily life; going vegan, not buying products tested on animals, and educating others of animal empathy, to name a few.

Furthermore, we have been featured in Strathmore’s Who’s Who! The plaque reads: “Acceptance is limited to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession. And being the cause we are, getting our voices out to others is not only important but essential. For this, we are honored to be included.

DSC_0457 We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts; to those who stood by us, and not only supported us, but our cause.

Updates and blog posts are coming your way soon!