St. Ives?! Plus Cruelty-Free Skin Care

PictureWhether you use face wash, body scrub, or lotion daily, well that is simply your choice. What really matters most is the company or brand we purchase these products from. Like a previous post, which can be found here about the no need for animal testing, I suggested St. Ives as a cheap, cruelty-free company that’s products mostly do not contain animal ingredients. Although back then this was true, as of spring 2011, St. Ives has secretly been testing on animals behind customer’s backs! I am devastated, considering their products worked great and was conveniently located at beauty and drug stores. Unfortunately, after the old packaging was finally used up, seeing that not only the new packaging, but the label, no longer stated “NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS,” I later came to realization of this companies undercover switch. To my surprise, a Unliever logo was placed in the bottom left hand corner of the product. Immediately, I was denial. How could my favorite, go-to company for face care & body lotions, turn their backs on their loyal customers!? It’s safe to say that it will be more of a lose for them than for me.

Actually, this isn’t about MY discovery, it’s about yours. So many St. Ives customers are unaware of this sudden change, and unless you have seen the back side of the new packaging, this news may be hidden in your blind spot.
Although a cruelty-free company turning to animal testing , is bad news, there are always more companies left to be discovered that are either just as good, or better! But before we get to that, it’s important that we realize who Unliever is that bought St. Ives and other companies that they own, as well. You may recognize their U logo on their products they own (see above picture). Simple enough, seeing that logo means the product is not cruelty-free, similar to the Proctor & Gamble Company which I will cover later on. More companies owned by Unilever can be found here.

St. Ives use to be well known for it’s great products that don’t contain animal ingredients (most) and don’t test on animals (sadly do now…) and others who share the same love for these products may not even be aware what they are now supporting. You’ve already informed yourself on this upsetting new, what better thing to do next than to inform others, as well? So please help spread the word to stop purchasing St. Ives in order to decline their sales. This will prove that animal testing is not necessary and hopefully encourage them to change their ways like Urban Decay did recently, and really, it isn’t. 


With that being said, don’t forget that it is okay to use up the products by these companies that you bought unknowing of their cruel animal testing practices. Why waste it when you already bought it? It’s always better to use a product in guilt and remember to not repurchase it, than to buy it, and never even look at it. An animal was tested on for that exact product; don’t make the animal suffer for no reason at all! The least you can do is use it and then be more careful. Of course, don’t actually try to feel guilty, mistakes do happen, you are prone to make them just like everyone else.

Basically, this is a lesson well learned. Just because a company once did not test on animals, does not mean it will always be that way. It can be bought by a parent company, like St. Ives, that does the testing for them, still contributing to animal testing. That is why I highly suggest you check the labels every so often because like St. Ives, you never know what company will decide that money is more important to them than ethics.

Also, a great way to stay up to date with these companies is by downloading a free app for your iPod/iPad/iPhone in the iTunes store. These are updated constantly so you are sure to be updated if anything changes. Don’t forget to let others know about these. After all, they are free! To find out more companies that do not use animal testing, you can either go to PETA’s site to search for companies, or Global Animal’s, to name a few, or download a free app(s) for your device below: Cruelty-Free, for cruelty free companies, & Animal-Free, for those secret, derived ingredients. You can also order a free cruelty-free shopping guide through the mail here. And for those willing to spend a couple of dollars, there’s a little bit better search app available, as well, which enables you to add products and companies to your favorites to make your own cruelty-free shopping list, here. One more app, the Leaping Bunny, which can be downloaded here!

Now for recently discovered products that are like St. Ives, but of course, minus the cruelty. Companies like LUSHFreeman,Alba BotanicaDermalogicaQueen HelenePur MineralsThe Body Shop, & Yes to Carrots, just to name some favorites. But of course, these are only a small majority of companies that don’t test on animals.

In the end, who you buy from may not seem as important as what you get from them, but it really is significant in the long run. Don’t fall into a pit when you can easily walk around it. And if you do, then don’t be discouraged to pick yourself up and get back on track. Shopping cruelty-free can be simple if you make it that way.

As always, inform yourself first, then inform others.

Check out the video below to prove that Unliever is “not as clean as it claims.” Bad intentions for not only animals, but humans, as well! If this doesn’t make you not want to buy from them, than I’m not sure what will!