Spread the Love to ALL Beings This Valentine’s Day

975920It seems that every holiday gets more hype than it can live up to.  But when it comes to Valentine’s Day it can greatly vary on your relationship status, unlike most other holidays. But doesn’t it seem like there’s a piece missing  to this puzzle? What is Valentine’s Day really about, anyways and why can’t we celebrate it with all of those we love instead of just those whom we are romantically interested in? Well, it turns out, we can!

 Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day based off the history of how it all started. In fact, the history of Valentine’s Day is not even completely known: “Though no one has pinpointed the exact origin of the holiday, one good place to start is ancient Rome, where men hit on women by, well, hitting them.” Even animals were sacrificed! And as we know, these rituals haven’t made it to where we stand today due to our greater respect for women, and for some, animals, too. We have mostly come to terms that treating someone different based on their skin color, gender, and race is unacceptable. But why are animals being treated with such discompassion still? 

 But the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day today is just like a lot of things. In fact, most of us are either somewhat familiar or aware that there is further research to be one behind these immoral traditions and certain cultural norms that don’t imply s for all forms of life. But instead, we choose to do what everyone else is doing as a society. Fortunately, following the crowd isn’t always a horrible thing, in this case, in particular, though.

The history of Valentine’s Day has clearly gotten revised and relooked at as the years have passed. Why can’t this be the case for our aspects of our society? It seems that when it comes to non-human animals, this is always where we seem to fall behind.
Today, this holiday is nothing like it used to be (read it to believe it). The point of this is to not only prove that it’s time we stop and rethink what we “celebrate” as a society, but exactly how we go about doing it and what keeps us from improving it to fit the criteria of all beings.To some, this idea may appear silly but when you really take the time to consider Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it make more sense to broaden our spectrum and include family and friends instead of only lovers or partners? Why not companion animals? Better yet, why not all animals? The same idea applies to so many things. In fact, we shouldn’t favor certain humans, animals, or circumstance over others, should we? And that’s why this Valentine’s Day it’s important that we spread the love, to everyone and every being.


Currently, Valentine’s Day doesn’t involve anything that can positively or negatively impact the life of a non-human animal.  So why not spread the love towards all animals alike and use this to our advantage? 

No, I’m not saying dedicate this day to only your cat or dog and disregard your significant other. I’m saying: focus on spreading your love to every being you love. 

And regardless of how you go about doing this, that is up to you. Though I could list a variety of vegan chocolate brands or companies or where to buy roses for your sweetheart, but what’s the point? You already know all that. And besides, no one can express your thoughts and feelings better than yourself. 

So whether you’re single, taken, married, or the unknown, who’s stopping you from showing compassion towards family, friends, pets, and all other living creatures? Isn’t it time we took a step back and actually reconsidered the beings which we share this Earth with? It’s silly to think that they feel love too, isn’t it? 

Valentine’s Day is about expressing love, after all. So why not do it in the most logical way possible: express it to all? Love is such a strong feeling and as so many of us have experienced at hand, can change our lives, outlook, and over all self being. So this Valentine’s Day why not do the whole world a simple favor and switch to love, not hate? Give your heart to another human; they could break it. Give your heart to animal; they’re yours forever.

Love is liberation. You have the power to set those who are chained, free.