Sick? The Unfortunate Truth of Medicine and Animal Testing

medicine-foodLet’s face it, regardless of our diet, we all get sick! And being vegetarian or vegan seems to greatly reduce the foods and medicines we can take because of this. Fortunately, there are still options for us, though.

When it comes to soup, Chicken Noodle is obviously out of the picture, but who needs Chicken Noodle Soup when there are other great alternatives that can soothe and satisfy, just as cheap, without harming any being? 

When it comes to soup containing no animal ingredients, the main thing I have found that you need to be careful of is the stock itself. Some labels may advertise that they are vegetable but check the ingredients, you never know if the soup contains a beef or chicken broth as opposed to vegetable. 

Another concern is for those who don’t eat eggs. This doesn’t seem to happen to often, but it’s always safe to read the whole list of ingredients to ensure that the noodles don’t have eggs in them, as well. 

Other than that, finding an animal friendly soup shouldn’t be too difficult if you check the labels. Besides, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some examples:

1. Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable

NOT: Campbell’s Old Style Vegetable (which contains beef stock)

2. Progresso Soup (Lentil, Hearty Tomato, and Tomato Basil)

3. Amy’s Kitchen Soups (Anywhere from No Chicken Noodle Soup to Thai Coconut Curry!) 
  *Check the label to see which as vegan as opposed so vegetarian if you wish

Also, another soup to be aware of is French Onion Soup. Sounds vegan, right? It is, until you get a big mouthful of hearty beef stock, yuck! Be sure so ask about the contents: broth, ingredients, etc. at restaurants! Sometimes they even put beef fat or pork into soup for flavorings, too. Always ask!

Lastly, don’t forget you can always make your own soup at home, that way you know it’s exactly what’s in it and it’s probably a lot more cheap and healthy, too! Here‘s a variety of great recipes, but this isn’t your only option to search.


We all know that soup is one of the many things that make us feel better when we’re sick. Medicine seems to work best of all things, though. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that the medication we are using is either being tested on animals or has been at some point. 

The question that most people will then ask is if this makes them a hypocrite; using medicine to help cure a sickness or something as serious as a disease or injury. The answer to this seems to vary depending on who you ask, but personally, I look to look at it this way: do what you need to do. If you must take medicine, then please do so. Why? Because, that’s only preventing you from being healthy, energized, and to continue your work fighting for animals.

After all, being 100% vegan is not possible, and those who are vegan know that. Being a vegan is all about minimizing harm to the best of your ability and completely eliminating medicines because they all test on animal would be foolish when you must take them.

Since this is unfortunately the case, staying away from medicines that contain animal derived ingredients such as gelatin capsules for example, is strongly recommended.  

Your pharmacist may also be able to advise you if specific medications contain animal ingredients.

Medicines will have been tested on animals.  Animal tests are legally required before medicinal products can be licensed for use.  The regulatory regieme is unlikely to change until alternative testing methods are considered to be sufficiently developed.

We do not advise you to stop taking medication or prescribed drugs for vegan reasons without consulting your GP.”

Of course those who are animal activists don’t agree with animal testing, but as consumers, we don’t have much or any say when it comes to something as strict as medicine. 

The best thing we can do is support groups that develop non-animal research methods, and petition our government to validate and use these humane and cruelty-free alternatives.

Even when you don’t agree with animal testing, sometimes you run out of options and using medication that is tested on animals may be the only path to take in a life or death situation. Now, I’m not saying you must be near death to take these but my advice is to use medication sparingly and go for herbal alternatives when possible.

For example, increasing your intake of Vitamin C when you’re sick or drinking hot soup when you have a sour throat, etc. You can also try out some herbal natural remedies such as, Airborne or Emergenc, to help build up your immune system. These are both vegan friendly as long as you don’t buy the generic brands, which can contain fish oil if you’re not careful!

Overall, there’s no need to feel guilty about taking medicine. Think of it this way, what good would it be for the animals if they didn’t have your help and support as much as you could? You are already doing so much for them; them and I both thank you for it. 

Some things are out of our control, and no, that is no excuse. But unfortunately, that is the only excuses we can make in a situation like this one.  You can’t do anything to help animals in the past but try and make their futures better. And you also can’t do anything to help animals in the future if you don’t have the medications you need to function properly.

If you are still feeling guilty, you are not alone. Just remember that medication is not something you choose to take, most of us only take it if we have to. Besides, too much is never good for our bodies, anyways.  In times when eating right (food) can’t be your medication, the best thing you can do is take care of yourself and donate to a non-animal research fund or organization to help continue their efforts towards a future of non-animal tested medication.