Most Nail Polish Contains Gelatin?!

00000736_lFemales, this one’s for you. Actually, males, it’s for you, too! For mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons, alike. There’s bound to be someone in your life who uses nail polish. And with nail polish comes nail polish remover but I’m sure you could have already guessed that, couldn’t you? 

But maybe you didn’t guess that some nail polish remover contains a sneaky ingredient that makes it not so animal-friendly! Though this isn’t the case for all of them, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about it anyways? 

I’m sure you could have guessed it; this sneaky ingredient is gelatin! It seems like this gross animal by product just knows how to make its way into the most unusual things. Luckily for us, nail polish can be bought without it. That way you are not putting it on your body or supporting companies that use it, seems simple, right? 

But actually, it gets a little more complicated than that. This can intervene with paid manicures and pedicures at a salon or special service. Luckily, the get-around option is simple and affordable — use your own!

In fact, there are many nail polish removers that don’t contain gelatin.  Here’s the key to finding a nail polish without gelatin: stay away from “protein enriched” or “strengthening” formulas and lean towards 100% acetone. 

And besides, if you’re really looking for a nail strengthener, nail polish remover just won’t do the trick considering that the gelatin is supposed to do so but that effect is cancelled out by the acetone in the formula. So in reality, there’s no reason to buy nail polish remover made with gelatin, at all.

To strengthen bones and nails go for a healthy vegan/vegetarian diet. That will do the trick just fine if you’re doing it properly!

Here are some brands don’t contain gelatin in their nail polish remover:

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Another easy method to remove nail polish remover without buying nail polish remover from the store is by taking a cotton ball and applying cruelty-free products like hair spray, perfume, or really anything with alcohol and rub away. It’s simple and more than likely easy to find in your house!

Here’s to show you just how important being an avid label reader can be, and pay off! Sure, you may have not even thought about checking the back of nail polish remover, but imagine the crisis it would of prevented you if you did! CHECK THOSE LABELS!