Look For Leather-Free Boots This Fall

Now that fall is here, it seems more and more people are turning to boots. But not just any boots, they’re black and most likely leather! Sure style is important to many people, but who says their style can’t be ethical or cruelty-free?

It’s actually fairly easy to find vegan boots for this fall. In fact, it’s easier than ever before. With more and more companies turning to pleather due to environmental and moral reasons, the cost is halved as well and that’s exciting news for us who shop consciously.

What most people don’t realize about shopping ethically is that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion, money or a life! All those things seem too good to be true to many but luckily, they aren’t.


In fact, here are some vegan boots that you won’t want to walk out of the house without this fall, ladies!

Vegan Women Boots




And though this post may have been more directed towards females, men, you can find faux leather boots at these same places!

Men Vegan Boots


Lucky for us, boots are not the only leather-free shoe you can find in today’s stores. You can find dress and gym shoes, as well. And if you still didn’t find the perfect faux leather boot or dress shoe, feel free to browse the following vegan shoe stores. You might be surprised to find that stores you already shop at carry vegan shoes, too! 


Form & Fauna







Beyond Skin

Cri De Coeur

Vegetarian Shoes

Payless Shoesource

For more information about the production of leather and why you should obtain from it, go here.

Lastly, don’t forget that checking labels and descriptions of products is important. If you just assume it’s not leather, there’s no for sure say if it is or not.