Last Minute Holiday Gifts Veg Edition

PictureRegardless what holiday you are celebrating this winter, I’m sure gift giving is involved! And no matter your lifestyle choice, celebrating with vegans, vegetarians, and/or meat eaters can make the holidays rather difficult at times. But then again, it seems buying a gift for anyone nowadays is far more complex than we had initially hoped.

But when it comes to finding a gift for a vegetarian or vegan, specifically, it may seem like your choices are narrowed down considering the products shouldn’t be tested on animals, contain any animal ingredients, fur, wool, or leather to name a few. Now where to go from here may seem difficult but if you know why they are vegetarian or vegan, you could potentially get a great gift that they will really appreciate. Besides, what better way to give than to give a gift that is animal-friendly? The following are gifts for vegetarians/vegans whose choice to do so is of the following reasons.

Personal Health: Were you aware of the amazing health benefits of going veg? “A vegetarian diet is inherently healthful because vegetarians consume no animal fat and less cholesterol and instead consume more fiber and more antioxidant-rich produce. Another great reason to listen to Mom and eat your veggies!” This lifestyle also prevents, treats, or potentially reverses heart disease and the risk of cancer. Besides that, it also helps keep down weight! Here are gift ideas for those influenced by this reason:

  1. Consider getting a gift card to a fresh foods store such at Trader Joe’s or Whole foods. We all know these prices can easily add up!
  2. What about a gift card to a favorite vegan or vegetarian restaurant? We vegs love our food, too!
  3. Finding new recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner never seems to get old. Check these out: Quick Fix Vegan Healthy Homestlye Meals in 30 Minutes or Less Vegan Vengeance: Delicious Animal-Free Recipes That Rock Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes, Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Through the Year,The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude, Vegan Cooking for Carnivores: Over 125 Recipes So Tasty You Won’t Miss the Meat.
  4. This Forks Over Knives DVD is reassurance for those conscious of their health and enlightenment for others. It’s a double deal!
  5. You can always order them a subscription to VegNews Magazine, too.

Environment: You can’t be an environmentalist if you eat meat, plain and simple! Why? Because “the livestock industry uses huge amounts of land, water and fossil fuels, while producing 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and all sorts of other pollution.Here are gift ideas for those influenced by this reason:

  1. Why not get them some recycled items like: Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses, The Outfit Green Living Vegan Canvas Tote, or In-Ear Wooden Environmentally Friendly Headphones by Thinksound
  2. Products made from hemp like beanies, belts, and more!
  3. Everyone could use a great recycled wallet.

Money: Surprisingly, “meat accounts for 10 percent of Americans food spending. Eating vegetables, grains and fruits in place of the 200 pounds of beef, chicken and fish each nonvegetarian eats annually would cut individual food bills by an average of $4,000 a year.” Now, of course anyone can go veg for this reason, but some of us are a lot more restricted about how we spend our money. Not in a bad way, though!Here are gift ideas for those influenced by this reason:

  1. Get them a gift card to our Apparel For a Purpose Store and let them choose exactly what they want!
  2. Donate to Empathy For Animals in their name! That way they know their money is going to make a difference!
  3. Take them out to their favorite vegan or vegetarian restaurant — with the bill on you!

Animals: This reason is a given. Animals can feel, think, hear, walk… all but talk, and well, that’s where you come in! The cruelty these animals face on a daily basis is shameful and one, we, in particular truly stand up for.Here are gift ideas for those influenced by this reason:

  1. Christy Robinson Animal-Friendly Jewerly
  2. Any cruelty-free products like perfume, cologne, makeup, nail polish, body lotion, or soap from companies that don’t test on animals like Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, or Lush, to name a few.
  3. Skip the UGGs and get them a pair of vegan boots!
  4. Sponsor a Farm Animal for $10/month.
  5. You can’t go wrong with animal rights literature: Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism, The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals, The Inner World of Farm Animals: Their Amazing Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Capacities, and Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust.

And there you have it; great gifts for vegetarians and vegans of all kinds! And though these all are sure to please, depending from person to person, you can always fall back on getting a gift that has nothing to do with being vegetarian or vegan at all. But when you give someone a gift, typically you want them to really love it or have it mean something to them, right? Well with these options, it is sure it will do just that!

Still need last minute holiday gifts? Check out the link below for more ideas.