Johnny Rockets Vegan Streamliner Burger Rocks!

photo (4)Eating an animal-free diet on the go isn’t always convenient and even I admit it. But it’s really about how convenient you make it. There are actually a variety on restaurants and even fast food restaurant that cater to vegetarians and vegans, find them here. Now by all means, I’m not supporting fast food nor promoting it, but I, just like everyone else, are a part of busy lifestyles where the food at home is not always at reach and what is, isn’t always pleasing.

Lucky for those who love a good veggie burger, Johnny Rockets hits the spot right on the nail! They serve a vegan Boca burger called the “Streamliner” and it is down right delicious. Ordered with a side of fries not fried in animal fat, who could go wrong?

But Johnny Rockets isn’t the only place you can find these delicious vegan meals on the go. In fact, veggie burgers are popping up in many restaurants around the nation! The only problem with this is the ingredients. For those who avoid milk, cheese, eggs, and other animal-by products, the ingredients is the real factor to whether or not it passes the vegan test. And just because it’s called a veggie burger, doesn’t make it vegan! But luckily, nowadays allergies and ingredients are more accessible to consumers from the internet or by asking your server at the restaurant regarding dietary concerns. It’s really as simple as the effort you put into it.


You can find Johnny Rockets ingredients and allergen info here.

All in all, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try a new vegan option. And besides, who says vegans and vegetarians can’t get out and enjoy food like everyone else? We already do, better!

So if you’re on the go and stop near a Johnny Rockets, why not give their tasty vegan burger a try? Your conscience and appetite will thank you, oh an the animals, too!