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Empathy For Animals promotes positive change for animals by discussing norms in society viewed as acceptable while challenging other views on animal rights and their place in our culture. Empathy For Animals wants humanity to realize the truth with relatable reasoning. Although we tend to use emotion and feeling to connect to others, we also use this information as an informative approach to open the eyes of others that empathy exists in all forms of life. Anyone can make a change for animals; it all starts with empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The Story:

First of all, let me start out by introducing myself & stating why I started the site. My name is Kailei. I have been vegetarian since ~2007. At the time, I was 11 years old. My inspiration towards a change in empathy for animals is drastic, and has always been (hence the name). I have always loved animals and it wasn't till I was a little older that I realized what the hypocrite I was. Like everyone else, I pondered upon the idea of how one could love one animal, and eat the next. It just simply did not make sense and I would beat myself up over it, thinking it was my fault, why the world is the way it is today. As you could possibly imagine, I was constantly looked and talked down upon from previous friends and family because of having a different opinion. But to me, this was no opinion, this was logic & the way of life. Due to societal discrimination, it took me years & years to build the confidence I have today about my lifestyle; though it should not be that way, for finding truth & reason is such a beautiful thing. I hope you can see that some day, too. By starting this journey for truth at a young age, I know that being different than a majority of the population isn't easy. But change isn't easy. So, I'm here to tell you that it's not; it's not your fault, it's their fault. The people who contribute to support these inhumane practices for the sake of taste, entertainment, fashion, or whatever the case may be. You can make a difference simply by the choices you make every single day. I don't care what the world does. You're not the world, you are you. And you can make the change for the world... for yourself... and for the animals. Follow me in my journey as I go through my every day life supporting my new found truth with those who support me.

Thank you for being a part of the change for animals, for every positive difference is still a step forward towards animal liberation.

{It’s entirely possible that animal compassion runs through my veins}.

~Kailei, Founder of Empathy For Animals 

Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Grieve

Oct 11


When it comes to losing a loved one, sadness, heartache and confusion aren’t only felt by humans, but all animals. Whether over the lose of a parent or owner, animals grieve just as we do.

For many, it’s hard to believe that non-human animals experience these types of feelings. But these people are also the people who believe animals either don’t feel at all or have the capability to feel intense emotions like humans do. We don’t give non-human animals as much credit as they deserve. Especially when it comes to mental intelligence or empathy. Like us, fear, pain, anxiety, sadness and happiness — all feelings shared throughout many of the animal kingdom. Though some species do vary in cognition, the way they think, understand, learn, and remember, there is no denying the ability to feel. 

Just the other day, I experienced this myself. It’s amazing how animals can sense death. It’s as if they feel the spirit or soul leaving the body. Before my grandpa passed away, the cats of the house hid and weren’t around much. The day he died, they would take turns mourning his body by laying on him as if they were saying there last goodbyes and providing closure to this tragic event. 

And as we know, death of others is not the only thing animals fear, but their own death, as well. But this a no-brainer, who wouldn’t be terrified. 

Imagine being forced to watch your mother, father, or just any being be murdered, slaughtered, and being inflicted in so much pain while not being able to do a single thing about it. It’s horrifying and I can’t even begin to imagine how truly terrifying that experience must be. To live for someone else and die at their will. How unpurposeful humans make other species lives out to be sometimes. If only we could spend a day in their shoes, maybe then we’d finally come to terms with reality and realize we’re not alone when it comes to many things.  

“Animals do not ‘give’ their life to us, as the sugar-coated lie would have it. No, we take their lives. They struggle and fight to the last breath, just as we would do if we were in their place.”

― John Robbins

Death in humans is not only what triggers this reaction but other animal’s death such as family, friends or loved ones, as well, even pain and discomfort of another can lead to emotional reactions. Again, just because they don’t react in the same way humans do, doesn’t mean they do not feel for what happened. It means they handle the situation differently and/or react differently to the situation. But most of all, just like us, they grief, they mourn, and most of all, they suffer. 

If you don’t believe me, you just have to witness it for yourself. It’s truly remarkable to see how empathetic and compassionate animals truly are towards humans and animals alike. 

If only we learned something from them.

Have you ever experienced an animal grieve? Check out the video below for a touching and remarkable moment.





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  • alexblue

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s so obvious that animal beings feel deep complex emotions, and we must treat them with the same respect and compassion that we treat human beings. And hug them a lot too. :)

    • http://www.empathyforanimals.org/ Kailei

      I’m glad you see this! So many of us take our companions for granted and don’t realize how intelligent they truly are. Yes, they feel. Yes, they grieve. Yes, we’re animals, too!