Humane Slaughter is a Myth

There is something that makes me cringe when I hear the words “humane slaughter.” But in fact, it is no surprise. How can slaughter even be humaneImagine raising your child in an environment you felt would benefit you, not them, you. Of course you wouldn’t give them luxuries or any such pleasure, just simply the necessities, barely, to survive. You don’t see anything wrong with this because, after all, they were raised on your behalf and you took care of them. Or, maybe you did give them the happiness you felt they deserved… but that all ended soon enough when you slaughtered them “humanely.” Nothing wrong with that though, right?
Did you ever stop and consider that although you raised the animal, the animal indeed had it’s own purpose? No creature on this planet is alive to serve you. Sure, you may like to believe it so, but caring for a creature and caring for a child are different I suppose. Well, in fact, they are not. They are the same exact thing. They are both animals who thrive for life. They want that chance to live, to survive… Every single creature has a purpose, and believe it or not, their purpose is not for you. It’s not to be slaughtered “humanely,” treated like a machine in a factory farm, or beaten to death. Did you ever think that they valued their life, just as much as you value your own? Of course not, for all you care about is the money you are making off of them.
When it comes down to it, even if you considered their feelings for a second, you pushed them to the back of your mind and told yourself to snap out of it. Why? Because according to you, they are worthless until you put a price tag on them and give them their sole life purpose: food. Regardless of the process, choosing between what you want and what they want, always seems to point arrows in your direction. Some may not even realize they are doing it, others just simply don’t care. But how, just how, could one not see through their own apathy and come to the perspective of the animal that they raised for slaughter and how hypocritical they really are. When you tell your significant other you love them, does that mean you love me them so much that you want to slaughter them and put them to death because you have control over them; because you feel that the emotions you once shared supports your reason to do so? Of course not. Regardless of the feelings you shared with that person, you wouldn’t have it in your soul to do such a thing when you had a connection with them. So what exactly distinguishes between the two? Not empathy, not species, nothing but your mind’s strive for money in your pocket.

Even a former beef farmer came to his senses to realize that there truly is no such thing as “humane slaughter.” It’s just your mind’s way of giving yourself a rhymer reason to a blissful feeling of power over others. “Eventually I realized that all animals, including humans, exist for their own reasons, with their own interests. This was a profound revelation for me because that nagging little voice in the back of my mind had always, since childhood, told me that I wasn’t living to my full, authentic potential, that there was something inherently wrong. All my life I had observed the community that existed in a cow herd, how they grieved for a dead calf or herd mate that had been shot by a deer hunter. I had witnessed the joy a cow experiences when she is let out into a fresh new pasture or calves running and kicking up their heels with each other in the field. I now knew for certain that regardless of the rationalizations I had created, when I killed an animal and saw that light leave their eyes, by extinguishing that divine spark, I had broken a sacred trust.”

[spacer]No matter how justifiable one may put “humane” slaughter out to be; a “quick and painless death,” or not, killing any being is inhumane, no matter what the procedure may be. If our country is so against war: killing on a battlefield, than what makes slaughter: of a creature besides a human, humane or not, justifiable?

Looking into the eyes of another being and recognizing that there is someone looking back at you, full of life, just affirmed something, almost as if each person was silently asking the other animal, “Is there someone in there, behind those eyes that look so different than mine?” And the other animal, with just the blink of an eye, answered, “Yes.”

And that’s the question I ponder upon: How could one feel anything towards another and have the heart to sell their soul?

Need more truth behind “humane slaughter”? Watch for yourself below. Warning, this is graphic and may cause extreme discomfort, especially to young audiences.