ForAnima is a Veganized Amazon!

foranimaBeing vegan or vegetarian can be difficult sometimes; we all feel that way at some point. But in all honesty, I think it’s really just how difficult you make it. Of course sometimes we make mistakes: we accidentally buy a product that tests on animals (it says “not tested on animals” on the back but the parent company does test i.e. St. Ives and TRESemme owned by Unilever and Infusium 23 owned by Helen of Troy), we eat gelatin, or we eat something with honey.

And a lot of times these problems occur do to the lack of us knowing if it is vegan or not! Luckily, there ARE marketplaces that sell only vegan products — kind of like amazon but 100% vegan!

ForAnima is not only a vegan marketplace, but a community for socially conscious vegans, vegetarians, and animal lovers alike. Here, you don’t have to worry about buying anything you didn’t know wasn’t vegan or had no idea it contained animal ingredients. Everything sold IS vegan! 

There’s even a vegan directory where you can find bakeries, vegan coaches and nutrionists, vegan blogs (Empathy For Animals!), animal shelters, even jobs! But these are just some… 

You can even become a member and create your own online store where people can buy your own vegan goods — vegan food, beauty and health, shoes and handbags, jewelry and accessories, for babies and kids, for just men, for just women, for the home and even pets. 


From experience, forAnima has really made it easy as a consumer to find vegan products of all kinds. If you’re having difficulty in transitioning to vegan, finding vegan products (of any kind), or maybe even finding some easy vegan recipes that you actually enjoy, then I can guarantee forAnima can do a great time helping you out in the process.

Being vegan can be easy when you have the resources and information on how to go about it. Sharing the information you have already learned along with the way, personally, is the best part.

So why not get involved and share your own experiences with like-minds or make your shopping experience that much better?