Evidence of Animal Empathy





Rest in Peace, Buster.
You have forever shaped my soul ♥

I don’t care who you are. It is guaranteed that you have had some emotional connection to either a companion animalwildlife, or another human being. With that being said, you: yourself, is enough evidence alone to prove that the empathy of animals does exist. Maybe it was coming home from a day of work or school in which you had an overwhelming day and you just wanted to relax. It was always predictable who was there when you got home to comfort you and be by your side. Whether it was licking your face, nudging your leg, or jumping on your lap, there was no comparison to the warm welcome you received the time you needed it most. I doubt it’s just me, but I find it extremely hard to resist an animal’s eyes. I feel as if they tell their story, just how you and I have stories to tell. Whether it was abuse, separation, or just plain distress or sorrow; was it not easy to see the emotion a simple glance portrays? The most impacting emotion that I believe captures the most attention to one’s heart is fear

Seeing that emotion in an animal’s eyes, knowing you can’t fix it, is heartbreaking. It’s something that will forever be in your mind, it will simply never go away because it is so powerful. If you have ever witnessed an animal being hurt, in any form… you know how shuddering this really is. It’s a complete devastation to see an animal fearing for its very life against those who see it as a effect of superiority. It puts weight on your heart, full of shame and disgust to your own human race. How could anyone be so cold? Didn’t they know that there’s more to life than power… more to life than hate… more to life than slaughter of earth’s own creations? 

Every companion animal that has ever lived with me, I have grown an emotional connection with; whether it be a cat, or simply a hamster. No, I don’t believe I am crazy, nor will I ever. I know for a fact that animals have feelings which can all be viewed by a simple glance in one’s very eyes. Take a look for yourself. Look into an animal’s eyes; it’s a powerful sensation that no other being posses and holds so deeply within their soul, as thee of an animal wishing to not be. It’s true, the emotions of those, can be read purely by the look in one’s eyes; regardless of it be an animal, or a human. One can’t fake true feelings forever. Watch below and you will surely know what I mean.


This is honestly one of my favorite quotes regarding empathy, “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”

~Martin Buber