Don’t Wear Fur on Your Back, Animals Want Their Fur Back!

foxAs you can imagine, this time of year is rather special. It’s not only special because of the holiday gatherings many participate in, but because of the common array of fashion that seems to appear about. The fur hats, the fur gloves, the fur boots, the fur jackets, the fur coats, the fur trimmings… it’s all a part of it and it’s all just wrongWhat makes the change of season into colder weather a socially accepted idea that it’s now morally okay to wear fur? Sure, go ahead and wear your own fur that is. Other the other hand, the fur of other animal’s is not yours to wear. Just because you believe it looks fashionable or keeps you warm, doesn’t make it ethical. Maybe the animal whose fur you’re wearing thought it looked rather fashionable and felt pretty warm, too. Or, what about the animal’s who are now suffering because you took their fur? Nevermind, no need to worry; those animals were killed when they were skinned alive for their fur, anyways. You have a choice to wear, purchase, or boycott fur. Why not make the compassionate one and choose to not wear it?

The animals who you are wearing do not have this choice like you do. They are taken advantage of due to their size and lack of power, therefore forcefully skinned or stomped on with metal spiked shoes. Don’t forget anally electrocuted. I’m sure we could all share the fun times we had when that happened… Think this is funny? Go ahead, laugh it up, but we will see who’s laughing when you find out that these animal’s who are skinnedgassedpoisoned, and crammed into tight cages may not only be bunnies, mink, sables, ermine, fisher, marten, otter, weasel, fitch, wolverine, skunk, coyote, seals, chinchilla, raccoons, big game cats like tigers and snow leopards, small game cats like ocelots, lynx and bobcats, and foxes, but man’s best friend of companion; dogs and cats. Still laughing? It’s cruel, really, what not only China but other countries including the U.S. are still not putting a stop to.

 Some people are completely okay with this thinking that because the animal fell into the trap, that’s their fault, or I’m worth it, or who caresAll these excuses are pathetic. What makes you in control of another animal’s destiny? What makes you so special that you didn’t have to give up your life, cruelly, just to be worn and mocked as if you belonged on someone else’s body? Whether you know the facts and chose to be arrogant or chose to be oblivious and learn only the facts you want to hear, you are not only making yourself look selfish but the animal that you wear. If you are going to arrogantly chose to wear fur, at least learn the facts and know what you’re flaunting: evidence of an empathetic creature. Sure, you’re meaning to the product may be for just looks, but the meaning you are sending everyone else is simply disgust that you would even waste your time, money, or body to help promote such horrible procedures done to innocent beings.


Some of you already have a postion on wearing fur, but this goes out to those who in particular, chose to not support it’s practices. This season, you are probably doing one of the greatest things you can do this season by not wearing fur. So many companies such as B&B, Burberry, Chanel, chose to continue to sell fur, not caring a single bit about what is done to these animals. Yet, those who buy it are to blame. It’s all about supply and demand, and quite frankly, you chose not to buy fur, and well… fur prices will go up due to lose of sales, if that continues, eventually not be sold anymore because the profit being made is not worth the amount of money being imputed for making the product. For all of you that don’t already know, there are hundreds of petitions online proving that you are not the only one’s who support this change. You and thosands of other people can make a change in these animal’s lives. Whether it’s 100, 10, or simply ONE animal’s life, it was well worth it. No animal’s life should be spared for the sake of fashion.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to save a life, help someone in need. Well, here’s the perfect opportunity and the choice is simple yet effective when it comes down to saving lives. Stop the use of animals as fur and help make an impact on their lives by signing petitions online with a click, and better yet before you know it, you will feel as if your cash was grown on trees; cause surely, you will be saving money too.

So this holiday, give the best give of all; to not only yourself, but your animal friend’s and go fur free!

Please take the time to view the video below if you are still not convinced that these animal’s are desperate for a change to help prevent their identities from being stolen. Warning, this is graphic and may cause extreme discomfort, especially to young audiences.

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