DIY Avocado Banana Lemon Face Mask for a Cruelty-Free Complexion

best-raspberry-lemon-banana-avocado-wideWhen discovering acne, a pimple, or oily skin, the number one thing you want to do is get rid of it! Sure, it can be easy but finding a product that is cruelty-free and doesn’t test on animals can be too.

But turning to products at the store isn’t always convenient and besides, why would you want to waste your time looking for a product that may not work? Especially when you want to get rid of that pimple quick!

What could be more convenient and cheap than using your own kitchen to make your own face mask? In fact, this at home remedy is not only cruelty-free but edible. That’s how you know it’s safe and natural! No, this mask doesn’t contain egg yolk or whites, honey, milk, gelatin or any other gross animal products you wouldn’t dream of eating nor put on your face. In fact, this face mask is even easier than most you’d find online.

Here’s how to clear up your complexion fast. What you’ll need: 1 banana, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, an avocado, a bowl to put it in, and a fork.

Who would think everyday food could be put on your face? Well, you’d be surprised to hear that this mask will help reduce oil and shine and add moisture all at the same time without drying out your skin while fighting off prone pimples. Bananas are even known to reduce wrinkles when applied on the skin but eating them is great for you, too.  They are even known to reduce bags and dark circles. The lemon exfoliates while helps rid of dirt and reduce the appearance of scars and acne while the avocado heals. Lastly, the extra virgin olive oil will provide antioxidants and moisture without clogging pores. All this from nature? You bet!

Here’s how to do it: Cut then mash a banana in a bowl. Add 10 drops of lemon juice, and 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil. Continue mashing and mixing it together until it creates a liquid like consistency. Apply it to your clean face and left it sit on for 15 minutes. Just be careful to avoid sensitive areas like your lips and eyes, especially since you don’t want lemon in your eyes! Then wash it off with a warm washcloth then rinse with cold water and feel the difference!  


This homemade remedy is not only simple but also tasty. So what can you do with the leftovers? Store it for the next day in the fridge, share it with a friend or even eat it! There’s no need to worry about harsh chemicals or parabens because you can even go organic if you wish by using an organic banana and/or avocado.

This is an effective way to reduce the appearance of many skin imperfections in a cheap and fast manner while all in the good heart of animals. So not only will your skin thank you, but the animals and your wallet will, too.

 Let me know how it worked for you!