Chicago VeganMania 2013 Overview

screen-shot-2012-09-27-at-2-51-06-pm1If you never been to a vegan fest, I highly recommend it. Just last weekend I attended Chicago VeganMania in my own hometown, Chicago! It was honestly not only the largest I’ve been to, but had the best food! Who doesn’t love free vegan food samples and free admission?

Like most events, you pay money to purchase tokens in return for the food you buy from vendors. The vendors ranged from orange chick’n, veggie burgers, Italian “beef” and “gyros” all the way to cupcakes, nondairy ice cream and brownies, to name a few.  Plus, you actually got what you paid for! It wasn’t just one scoop like most other events, they truly wanted you to enjoy your food and get the money for your money. That, I thought, was great!

Aside from booths like Mercy For Animals, PETA2, Vaute Couture, Compassion Co Clothing, Vegan Cuts and many more! The best part about it was that they not only provided educational information to the public, but also sold products that the public could use along with providing samples to make the switch towards compassion. A lot of the time prices were even marked down for the event, which was definitely a steal! For example, the Vegan Cuts snack box was only $10 instead of $20 and you got it that day!

Overall, I believe anyone could benefit from this event. Whether you eat meat, are vegetarian or already vegan, it really puts the lifestyle into perspective and shines a light on what we are already doing and what we can do to further more save animals and improve our health. Besides, who doesn’t love being with people with a similar mindset? Sometimes we need to not only be reminded, but told we’re not alone. That is key to making a difference.

Be sure to check out future vegan events in your area! And if you’re interested in attending Chicago VeganMania next year, then I’ll see you there!