Keeping the Affinity: 5 Ways to Communicate with Animals

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” –  Peter Drucker Communication is as important to animals as it is to humans. It’s one of the many things we have in common in order to survive; while we, humans, have our own verbal and non-verbal … Continue Reading →

Being Vegan is About Spreading Compassion to All Beings

I’ve been vegan for thirty years and one of the things about being vegan that can be difficult is the social aspect. Thirty years ago, announcing to the world that you’d become vegan was almost like announcing that you’d just … Continue Reading →

A Voice for the Voiceless

It seems like regardless of where you work, the concept of eating meat or a situation where meat is involved or somehow brought up, is common. And although as animal advocates, we do more good than harm for these animals; … Continue Reading →

Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Grieve

When it comes to losing a loved one, sadness, heartache and confusion aren’t only felt by humans, but all animals. Whether over the lose of a parent or owner, animals grieve just as we do. For many, it’s hard to … Continue Reading →

The Toll Activism Pays On Others

For many of us vegans/vegetarians, animal activism becomes more than just a different state of mind or diet guideline to follow, it becomes a complete lifestyle. Some people may not want this, but for others, being compassionate in everyday choices … Continue Reading →

The Animal Lover’s Guide to Saving Wildlife

When driving in a car, it’s not often that the possibility of an animal crossing the road crosses your mind. Maybe you have a lot on your mind, running late, or are listening to your favorite song, it’s understandable. But … Continue Reading →

Violence or Silence: For Those Against the Animal Rights Movement

For those against the animal rights movement, why not take a moment and reflect upon your decision for feeling that way in the first place. Whether you agree that animals have feelings or not, we can’t deny the truth; they … Continue Reading →

We Can’t Hide Behind Words Forever

Why is it, as a society, we associate different words that mean the same thing, with yet a different attitude? Like the words meat, corpse or body as opposed to what exactly that animal was: a life. It seems industries … Continue Reading →

Human Rights Vs. Animal Rights

When a topic about rights is brought up, we automatically think of human rights and more than likely, our own. Or maybe we think back to when the rights of humans were based on their skin color or appearance. And … Continue Reading →

The Darkness of Being Disconnected

Regardless of the situation, it seems that our culture is so used to doing what other people do instead of independently making our own decisions. Is this why following the crowd has become such a commonality and thinking for ourselves … Continue Reading →