Veganize Your Halloween Candy

First off, Happy Halloween to those who celebrate! Instead of just collecting any candy, maybe it’s time we consider those who suffered for that candy. Who can fully enjoy Halloween knowing an animal was hurt in the process of that … Continue Reading →

Spread the Love to ALL Beings This Valentine’s Day

It seems that every holiday gets more hype than it can live up to.  But when it comes to Valentine’s Day it can greatly vary on your relationship status, unlike most other holidays. But doesn’t it seem like there’s a … Continue Reading →

Looking Back and Looking Forward

  What’s really incredible is how an annual trend can really get someone to change what he or she does in life. Well, at least for a short amount of time, that is, unless they stick to it. But whether … Continue Reading →

Last Minute Holiday Gifts Veg Edition

Regardless what holiday you are celebrating this winter, I’m sure gift giving is involved! And no matter your lifestyle choice, celebrating with vegans, vegetarians, and/or meat eaters can make the holidays rather difficult at times. But then again, it seems … Continue Reading →

New Year, New Change

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is doing it. New year, new change, new resolution. What’s the meaning behind yours… do you even have one? If not, it’s never too late. The best change is the change that not only has a … Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving is Approaching

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Each year 300 million turkeys, whom have families of their own, are slaughtered for the sake of food this holiday. With that being said… how does one sit down and say what they are … Continue Reading →