Look For Leather-Free Boots This Fall

Now that fall is here, it seems more and more people are turning to boots. But not just any boots, they’re black and most likely leather! Sure style is important to many people, but who says their style can’t be … Continue Reading →

Discover Vegan Products With Vegan Cuts

Like  forAnima, Vegan Cuts allows vegans to discover companies and products that ARE 100% vegan. If you’re looking for a way to unravel your options or distinguish between your favorite vegan products, maybe even try something new out, then Vegan … Continue Reading →

What the Heck is Lanolin?

Many people know lanolin to have positive moisture properties for our skin. But what exactly is lanolin and where does it come from? Most people either don’t know that answer or don’t realize the consequences behind using it.  Lanolin is … Continue Reading →

The Search for Vegan Boots – Solved!

This is the time of year where coldness seems to get the best of us. Well, at least in a majority of the states. With that being said, boots are becoming more and more popular amongst females this season. In … Continue Reading →

Were Animals Harmed in the Making of Your Tattoo?

  Nowadays, it is pretty common to ask someone if they want a tattoo and they will list out all the possibilities they have in mind. When answering this question, it is almost guaranteed that they have no idea what ingredients … Continue Reading →

That Leather Jacket is More Than Just a Fashion Trend

That leather jacket is more than just a fashion trend, it is the support and evidence of murder. Leather is something that is pretty common in many people’s lives: shoes, jackets, the seats of cars, belts, wallets, purses, lap top cases, phone cases, couches… … Continue Reading →

Don’t Wear Fur on Your Back, Animals Want Their Fur Back!

As you can imagine, this time of year is rather special. It’s not only special because of the holiday gatherings many participate in, but because of the common array of fashion that seems to appear about. The fur hats, the fur gloves, the fur boots, the fur jackets, the fur coats, the fur trimmings… it’s … Continue Reading →

The Real Take on UGG Boots

What are 99.8% of the female population wearing now that winter is approaching? You guessed it, UGG boots. I can’t tell you how many people I see every single day supporting this fashion crime, and I can bet you that … Continue Reading →