Get Your Hands on Cruelty-Free Giovanni Hair and Body Care

It seems only a matter of time before I decide to try out a new cruelty-free product. Lucky for me, picking up Giovanni’s hair care shampoo and conditioner didn’t disappoint. Did I mention I happened to snatch them up for … Continue Reading →

What the Heck is Lanolin?

Many people know lanolin to have positive moisture properties for our skin. But what exactly is lanolin and where does it come from? Most people either don’t know that answer or don’t realize the consequences behind using it.  Lanolin is … Continue Reading →

Carmine is Made From What?!

Carmine, Cochineal, Crimson Lake, Natural Red 4, E120; it’s all the same thing. Some of know carmine to have been used by the Egyptians for makeup. But a lot of us are either unfamiliar with where it comes from or the fact … Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With Gelatin?!

What most people don’t think of when eating sweeter foods is the ingredients within them. Usually people who have a sweet tooth tend to just want to dig in without reading the nutritional information or ingredients. You’d expect to find … Continue Reading →

Were Animals Harmed in the Making of Your Tattoo?

  Nowadays, it is pretty common to ask someone if they want a tattoo and they will list out all the possibilities they have in mind. When answering this question, it is almost guaranteed that they have no idea what ingredients … Continue Reading →